Trivia bit: The phrase Hello World has connotations familiar to the programming world. In introductory courses on programming languages, the first hands-on experience is typically coding a program that prints out the friendly message “Hello World!”

I’m not even finished constructing the very first draft of this blog’s scaffolding at the time of this writing, yet I’m leaving it open and linking to it anyway. If you’re wondering what the central purpose or focus of this blog is, you’ll be a mix of dissappointment and curiosity when I tell you there is none. If you’re wondering where I got the title, I’ll tell you: I got sick and tired of thinking of magnificent possibilities for blog names, drove myself veritably insane with effort and ambivalence, and despairingly rolled some dice and mashed up the filet “Island 11:11.”

Backstory: The time 11:11 has a very slight meaning to me. Just like with the slug-bug and safety/doorknob games (or “The Game” – Ha! You lose!), this time of day is supposed by sibling-held superstition to be the natural wishmaking time. You know, because it’s the only repetition of digits. What about x : xx for x = 1 to 5 you ask? Or 12:12? Well, these don’t count, or so I’m told by a cousin. Anyway, that’s not really at all relevant to anything I have to say or will be saying, but I felt some inspiration from webcomic xkcd’s name in the worth of diversity and uniqueness by utility of simple, wierd arbitrariness. 

I’m probably going to talk about lots of stuff I like. Mathematics, philosophy, the sciences and similar spheres. I might review a book or movie, or speak some opinion to an issue or phenomena or whathavewe, or even write an incoherent mess about, say, Shigeru Miyamoto or Motoko Kusanagi while inebriated followed by ashamed revocation the next day. Because I’m human and therefore can’t fully contain myself like a child wielding a newfound insight, I might post something funny or casual or personal. So, just wait for me to stock up inventory on the first host of essays, posts, and series, which I’m not promising will happen anytime soon, and I’ll start rattling off my awesome junk for you and you’ll finally be able to tell me how crazy and out of touch with reality I really am.